Dogtek NB-SPRAY-U NoBark Spray - Unscented Bark Control Collar

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Does your dog have a habit of barking at the slightest thing? No more thanks to the DOGTEK NoBark Spray!

The NoBark Spray collar helps to prevent barking by delivering a unique and specially formulated spray/ mist when your dog barks.

Although totally harmless, your dog will find it unpleasant and associate it with their barking. This conditioned reflex discourages your dog from barking. In a few days the dog learns to keep quiet while wearing the collar and ultimately your dog is trained to cease barking without having to wear the collar at all.

How Does it Work?
NoBark Spray works by means of a special microphone designed to detect the frequency of a dog's bark. When the dog first barks, the collar releases an unscented spray in front of the dogs snout. Although harmless, the spray is quite dramatic. Your dog will hear and see it. The dog will quickly learn that when it barks the NoBark Spray is activated!

At just 1.6oz, NoBark Spray is one of the lightest collars on the market. Unlike other collars, NoBark Spray is a sealed unit and requires no battery charging at all - the unit will last up to 5 years!

Kit includes:

  • Lightest Spray collar on the market (1.6oz)
  • Harmless for the dog, yet very effective
  • Specially formulated Unscented spray
  • 5 years battery life
  • Limited One Year Warranty

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